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Commercial Work

  • Refurbishment the Puckapunyal

    Refurbishment the Puckapunyal, 50 metre and 33 metre pools
    Including Re Plumbing of the soiled water and filtered water lines to a depth of 4.5 metres on out door pool. Repainting and jointing works to indoor pool. Metering and dosing equipment to both pools. Filter media changed and filters rebuilt for both pools. Total value approximately $500,000.00.

  • Mornington Peninsula Shire 1996

    Mornington Peninsula Shire- Crib Point Pool Refurbishment

  • RAAF Base Pool Sale

    Refurbishment of the RAAF Base Pool Sale Victoria

  • Asian Pacific Building Corperation 1999

    Asian Pacific Building Corperation-27m Pool and two spas. Design and Construct.

  • Toorak College 1995

    Toorak College – Mt Eliza 25 m Refurbishment

  • Peninsula Grammar School

    Peninsula Grammar School-2 x 25m pools. Tiling and filtration works.

  • Nepean Special School

    Nepean Special School – Frankston Hydro pool refurbishment

  • Broadmeadows Leisure Centre 1990 & 2000

    Broadmeadows Leisure centre – Broadmeadows. Corking, tiling and filtration works.

  • Kankama Centre

    Kankama Centre – Mornington

  • Centra Hotel Group

    Centra Hotel Group - Melbourne Refurbishment

  • Sorrento Bed and Breakfast

    Sorrento Bed and Breakfast – Sorrento Design and Construct

  • Shire of Cranbourne

    Shire of Cranbourne- Commercial Spa. Constructed including building.

  • City of Moreland

    City of Moreland. Minor works

  • Shire of Taralgon Pool

    Shire of Taralgon Pool

  • Award K9 Swim Centre

    Award K9 swim centre- Design and construct dog lap pool

  • Sandbar Properties Pty 1999

    Sandbar Properties Pty - 20 metre Lap Pool-1999

  • Beaver Swim School

    Beaver Swim School Boronia

  • Shire Council Hastings

    Mornington Peninsula Shire Council Hastings old sea baths pool.

  • Gromor Poultry

    Gromor Poultry. Design and construct 15 metre disabled lap pool.

  • Essendon Hospital
  • North West Hospital Parkville
  • VRC Caulfield

    VRC Caulfield race track horse pool renovation

  • Probuild Construction
  • Peninsula School

    Peninsula School-Dosing and Metering Equipment 1999 for 2 x25metre pools including bulk chlorine storage facilities.

  • Ivanhoe Grammar School

    Ivanhoe Grammar School. Minor works

  • Mildura Shire Council 1998

    Mildura Shire Council-Consultation and Reports on four of there pools.

  • Puckapunyal Army Base 1998

    Puckapunyal Army Base - acted as works supervisors on behalf of Serco GM and Army

  • Frankston City Council

    Frankston City Council-Jubilee Park Pool Tiling and Jointing Works. Pine Pool Tiling and Jointing Works

  • Carey Grammar

    Carey Grammar-Supply Wet deck grating

  • Phillip Island Nature Reserve 1999

    Phillip Island Nature Reserve. Design and Construct Penguin Pool.

  • Woodleigh School 2000

    Woodleigh School. Mt Eliza. Minor works.

  • Haileybury College 2001

    Haileybury  College – repaint 50metre pool

  • Mornington Secondary College 2001

    Mornington Secondary College - minor work

  • Mildura Shire Pool 2001

    Mildura Shire Pool –50mt pool, Largest replacement of  waterstops and rebuilding of construction/expansion joints undertaken in Australia.

  • Mornington Peninsula Shire 2001

    Mornington Peninsula Shire – Crib Point Pool Repaint.

  • Mildura Shire 2001

    Mildura Shire. Acted as consultants in design of wet deck renovation, including upgrade of plumbing and plant.

  • East Gippsland Shire 2001

    East Gippsland Shire- Orbost Pool- Leak detection report and scope of works for repair.

  • Fawkner Leisure Centre 2001

    Fawkner Leisure Centre - Leak detection report and scope of works for repair.

  • Villa Tarni 2001

    Villa Tarni - Yarrawanga NSW. Condition report and scope of works for upgrading filtration, dosing and running procedures.

  • Frankston Gym 2002

    Frankston Gym- new wetdeck spa and existing pool refurbishment.

  • Coburg leisure Centre 2002

    Coburg leisure Centre- condition/leak report and scope of works to repair

  • Flinders 2002

    Flinders-25 x 3 indoor lap pool

  • Geelong Grammar School 2002

    Geelong Grammar School-Geelong-50m, Major renovation, repaint, expansion joints and plumbing works.

  • Mornington Secondary College 2002 - 03

    Mornington Secondary College- Repaint.

  • Peninsula School 2003

    Peninsula School-supply and installation of Thermal covers and rollers and solar heating.

  • Coburg 2003

    Coburg 50mt outdoor- structural repairs.

  • BHP Global Leadership Centre 2003

    BHP Global Leadership Centre- Melbourne. Replace wet deck grating and modify stainless steel supports, repaint balance tank and re grout coping tiles.

  • Haileybury College

    Haileybury College- 25mt Brighton campus, repainting and other works.

  • Lauriston Girls School

    Lauriston Girls School Armadale - regrout 25mt pool and expansion joint works.

  • Moreland City Council 2004

    Moreland City Council- 50m, 25m, and toddlers pool. Repaint, expansion joint repair, and tiling.

  • UMS Maintenance Kilsyth Aquatic Centre 2004

    UMS Maintenance Kilsyth Aquatic Centre- repaint 50m pool, filtration works and wet deck grating repairs.

  • Trainstation Gym Mornington 2004

    Trainstation Gym Mornington- New wet deck spa and pool referbishment.

  • Frankston Rehab Hospital 2004

    Frankston Rehab Hospital- Filtration rebuild

  • Victoria Hot Springs 2005

    Victoria Hot Springs. Mornington Peninsula. Built 5 Spas and Two pools including Hydraulics and filtration for use with geothermal water obtained from 600feet under ground.

  • Moreland Shire 2005

    Moreland Shire- Balgrave Aquatic Centre- repaint 50mt pool.

  • Fawkner Leisure Centre 2005

    Fawkner Leisure Centre- Leak detection and repair to spa.

  • Syndal Swim Centre 2005

    Syndal Swim Centre. Repaint and supply and installation of starter blocks.

  • Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre 2005-2006

    Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre- Regrout 25mt pool, toddler’s pool and learner pool. Repair coping. Leak detection and expansion joints in confined space balance tank and gutters.

  • Dromana Tourist Park 2006

    Dromana Tourist Park- Dromana-Design and Construct indoor pool and filtration.

  • Ballarat Clarendon Secondary College 2006

    Ballarat Clarendon Secondary College - Repaint 25mt pool.

  • Ballarat Grammar School 2006

    Ballarat Grammar School- Ballarat- Retile 25 mt pool.

  • Brooklands Motel 2007

    Brooklands Motel- Mornington- Design and construct commercial pool and spa.

  • Elsternwick Private Hospital 2008

    Elsternwick Private Hospital- Regrout pool, paint balance tank and replace wet deck grating.

  • Peninsula Hot Springs 2008-2011

    Victoria/Peninsula Hot Springs Stage 2- Mornington Peninsula- Build 12 new pools and spas including hydraulics’ and automated control.$600,000.00.