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Our Background

The company was founded in 1979 by the present managing director's family and has traded consistently ever since. The company's managing director is Mr Chris Jackson whom has had many years' experience in both the commercial and domestic swimming pool industries. Over the last few years the company has put together a group of personnel who have vast experience in both construction and renovation. Furthermore we have an involvement in both design and manufacturing of equipment for the filtered water sector of the market.

Mr Chris Jackson or Mr David Iles will undertake to oversee this project from start to finish.

Mr David Iles has had over 30 years experiences both as a company director and manager of many projects of this nature, he has been consulting/working with our company for the past three years as well as lecturing on water hydraulics to the swimming pool industry.

In a recent interview regarding Aquarius Swimming Pools, Chris spoke of the company's fundamental operating principles.."..We as a company will go out of our way to ensure that our clients get a lifetime of enjoyment out of their pools..." he went on to add.."To do this, we take into account our clients lifestyle, needs and even future needs, then apply the latest and most appropriate technology to the project to help them achieve these goals.."

Aquarius Swimming Pools believe they also have a responsibility for ensuring their clients are up to date with technology and design solutions. Chris commented further on this: "..Often it is the case where some items aren't even considered, yet once identified by us they become an integral part of the pool design. A couple of classic examples of this are underwater speakers and system automation. Many clients aren't even aware they can watch and listen to the footy from their pools - to say nothing of being able to use a web browser or send an SMS message from the office to the property and turn the spa on!.."